It’s a question that we often hear not only in Universities but also in legal practice too.  Why should someone spend many years of their life pursing what is often a very narrow body of work?

The answer to for many is twofold and both will change your life for the better. 

Firstly ‘passion’.  A PhD gives a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore an area of the legal world that has always fascinated you.  Want to explore the effects of Commonwealth Law on State activities during Federation?  Why not.  Any while you’re at it, why not share your PhD journey with some of the best academics that the country can offer.  This is the beauty of a PhD – you have almost unrivalled access to some of the brightest minds in our country.

Secondly ‘opportunity’.  Studying one topic in depth gives you a real uplift in an increasingly specialised job market.  More and more legal roles are being de-skilled and off-shored so one way to counteract this is becoming an ‘expert’ in a particular field that you feel you can not only excel in, but that the job market requires. 

The trick with all of this is to choose a University that can offer you the support, guidance, and access to the Professors that can help you on your PhD journey.  Not as easy as it sounds as many PhD opportunities are ‘closed off’ and only those in the know hear about them.

A little birdie has told us that one of our best Australian Law Schools, the University of Adelaide Law School, is holding an event for aspiring law PhD candidates to come and see what they provide.  They know you’re strapped for cash, so they’re offering to pay for your flights and a hotel room. Our advice would be to get in soon by submitting your application online here.